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Sinhala nationalists protest outside US Embassy

Photo: @AzzamAmeen on Twitter

Hundreds of Sinhalese protestors gathered outside the US Embassy in Colombo earlier today, protesting against the visit of US Ambassador at large for War Crimes, Stephen J. Rapp.

Traffic was closed in one direction as hundreds of supporters brandished placards in English and Sinhalese stating the allegations of war crimes were “unfair”.

Other placards depicted the visiting US Ambassador with fangs and blood streaming from his mouth, labelling Rapp as a “threat to world peace”.

More signs called for a “Probe into War Crimes of IPKF” and “Probe into Drawne Attacks in Pakistan” (sic).

See more photos from the Associated Press here.

Photos: http://tamil.adaderana.lk

One of the organisations protesting, the Patriotic Monks' Front, said in a statement, "Rapp has come here to collect material against Sri Lanka”, with another protestor Wasantha Bandara adding, "we warn US that they must stop their unfair action".

Meanwhile the US Ambassador met with members of Tamil civil society, Tamil media, Tamil politicians and visited sites of massacres that took place due to Sri Lankan government shelling.

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