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Saudi-led airstrike kills Yemeni family as ‘man-made disaster’ worsens

A Saudi-led coalition air strike has killed at least 9 members of the same family in Yemen, as the UN development chief in the country called the food crisis there "a man-made disaster".

At least three women and six children were killed in the attack on a house on the outskirts of Saada, according to the head of the local health department Dr Abdel-Ilah al-Azzi.

"We are recording all the crimes of the enemy and we will not forget them," said Dr Azzi. "All the criminals will be put on trial soon, God willing."

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UN development chief in Yemen Auke Lootsma said "there is no end in sight" to the conflict with nearly 7 million "close to slipping into a state of famine".

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