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Satellite evidence of Sudan’s mass killings

The anti-genocide group, Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP), has published visual evidence of mass graves  in South Kordofan.

“This evidence demonstrates the urgent need for a full-scale international investigation into the violence in South Kordofan, and underlines the imperative to protect civilian populations from their own government in Khartoum.

With all the killing that has occurred in Darfur, Abyei and the Nuba Mountains, we surely can't say we didn't know this could happen.

Diplomacy as usual backed by no tangible international pressures is a recipe for ongoing death and destruction.

The time has arrived for the international community to create a heavy cost for the kinds of crimes depicted in this report, and root that cost within the framework of the international responsibility to protect doctrine.”

- John Prendergast, Co-founder of the anti-genocide groups Enough Project and SSP.