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Protests continue in Chunnakam over water contamination

Protests against the leakage of oil by Chunnakam power plant into local water supplies continued on Thursday, with teachers joining residents to call for safe drinking water.

Carrying placards questioning the local government's actions regarding the oil leak, the protesters demonstrated by the Chunnakam Sivan temple.

Placards read:

"Local government, will the drinking water you provide solve the problem?"

"Test whether the water you provide to this region is clean!"

"Regional government, are you too complicit in reducing the Tamil population?"

There has been growing condemnation by locals in the Jaffna peninsula over recent weeks, with protests and a hunger strike by local doctors.

Last month, school children in Jaffna protested outside the their school entrance, calling for an investigation to be launched. See more here.

 Previously, the locals in Chunnakam protested outside the power station.

"Water poison is another way to kill people?" read placards carried by protesters. See more here.