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Police brutality in Mullaitivu hospitalises Tamil man

A Tamil man has been hospitalised after being beaten by police in Mullaitivu, causing tension between police and locals in the Keppapulavu-Kalliyadi area.

30-year-old Kamalathas Mariyanayagam was handcuffed and beaten by police on the street in Puthukudiyiruppu. He was reportedly kept in handcuffs when taken to the hospital for treatment.

Police alleged that he had provided information to sand smugglers about police activities.

Locals were angered by the brutality, accusing the police of beating an innocent man while being hand in glove with actual sand smugglers and earning lucrative bribes by ignoring and even protecting the illicit activities.

Mr Mariyanayagam’s father was also reportedly attacked by police when complaining about the mistreatment.