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Pizza Hut deletes post ‘saluting’ Sri Lankan soldiers on Tamil genocide day

Pizza Hut in Sri Lanka has come under criticism after posting an image celebrating ‘National Victory Day’ as Tamils around the world commemorated the massacres at Mullivaikkal.

The company had originally posted an image on May 18th, “celebrating the heroes of Sri Lanka on this special day”. May 18th was marked around the world as Tamil Genocide Day, marking 11 years since tens of thousands of Tamils were slaughtered by the Sri Lankan military.

The Pizza Hut image went on to “salute” Sri Lanka’s armed forces.

It was deleted off their social media accounts soon after it was initially posted.

“We as Tamils all around the world demand an apology for not recognizing and taking in to consideration the genocide that had occurred, the thousands of deaths that took place and the oversight and the complete disregard of the genocide our people had faced,” said TYO Canada.

The hashtags #boycottpizzahut and #apologyfrompizzahut have been shared on social media, alongside calls for the company to apologise.