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PEARL calls for justice for Black July 35 years on 

Marking 35 years since the pogrom of Black July 1983, PEARL called for justice for historic and recent genocides. 

"On the 35th anniversary of the start of “Black July” 1983, PEARL remembers the Tamil victims, survivors, and generations affected by all of Sri Lanka’s atrocities against the Tamil people. Thirty-five years ago this week, the government of Sri Lanka sponsored a brutal anti-Tamil pogrom, tantamount to genocide, that killed more than 3000 Tamils."

"In honor of the dead and in solidarity with the surviving victims of anti-Tamil pogroms and massacres, PEARL calls on states to recognize the Black July and 2009 atrocities as genocide. We ask states to exert pressure on Sri Lanka to demilitarize the North-East and implement strict vetting processes to keep known genocidaires and other human rights violators out of the security forces. We further urge states to impose sanctions on Sri Lanka until it establishes a special judicial mechanism with foreign judges, prosecutors, and lawyers to investigate and prosecute atrocities, including genocide, in accordance with its commitments made in Resolution 30/1. Importantly, trials should include all atrocities since the start of Black July. We also encourage states to exercise universal jurisdiction to ensure justice in the absence of domestic action. Until historical and recent genocides in Sri Lanka are appropriately punished, structural impunity and ongoing human rights abuses will persist and grow on the island."

Read full statement here