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Norwegian PM apologises for ‘way that the conflict in Sri Lanka ended up’

Norway’s prime minister acknowledged that her country’s role in mediating a peace process in Sri Lanka was unsuccessful and apologised for “for the way that the conflict in Sri Lanka ended up”.

Speaking to reporters in India, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said that “I’m sorry to say I don’t think our Sri Lanka efforts led to a big success”.

“I’m still sorry for the way that the conflict in Sri Lanka ended up,” she added.

Her comments came after she was asked whether Norway could play a role in mediating between India and Pakistan. “Nobody from the outside can make peace or make changes,” she told the media.

“So, if there is a movement in India and Pakistan for having talks together, of course, we…and other countries that would say we can help in anything if there is a possibility. But it has to be partner driven, it has to be those who are part of the conflict”.

Solberg went on to add that she did not believe that “military solutions solve problems”, pointing to both Kashmir and Syria. “I believe in participation of women and youth in peace negotiations,” she added. “You can have a victory through a military but you will still have the problems within.”

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