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New political party in Tamil Nadu vows to fight for Tamil Eelam

Around 75,000 Tamils, most of them of younger generation, attended the May Remembrance of Vanni massacre and the inauguration rally of Naam Thamilar political party at Virakanoor in the city of Madurai in the Tamil Nadu state of India, vowing to fight for the creation Tamil Eelam by politically capturing the power of the Tamil Nadu state as Tamils world over observed Genocidal War Crimes Day on Tuesday, May 18,  remembering thousands who perished one year ago.


“The Tamil Eelam struggle has been transcended into the hands of Tamil Nadu Tamils and the younger generation in particular,” S. Seeman, a Tamil activist and a popular film director told media.


“War is politics with bloodshed, our way would be Politics without bloodshed,’ he told the gathering vowing to take forward the struggle for the freedom of Eelam Tamils and to voice for global Tamil freedom.


"Annan [elder brother] Pirapaharan is the national leader of global Tamils and the Icon for Tamil liberation. We are all younger brothers of our Annan. I am not a chief, but a follower, someone among you,” he told reporters, introducing the party programme of Naam Thamilar (We are Tamils) at Virakanoor in Madurai.

Mr. Seeman, Professor Dheeran, Professor P. Ramasamy who is the deputy chief minister of the Penang state of Malaysia, Thamizharuvi Maniyan and Sahul Hameed delivered inauguration speeches at the event, which was conducted in a disciplined and organised way, very differently from that of the political rallies in the recent history of Tamil Nadu.

Another notable difference was the active participation of women.

The stage was named Muthukumaran Arangkam, commemorating the young Tamil journalist who burned himself to death condemning India for failing to stop the war in Sri Lanka January last year.

Naam Thamilar party holds the view that Tamil Eelam cannot be born without the Indian state of Tamil Nadu exerting meaningful pressure on the Central Government of India and that a Tamil political leadership should take over the rule of Tamil Nadu.

Mr. Seeman dismisses the ‘Dravidian’ parties as having failed in their historic duty of supporting the liberation of Tamil Eelam, when their help was most needed, especially one year ago during the height of the war.

“Unsurrendered Dignity and Unfallen Bravery,” is the slogan of the party launched with Tiger symbol on the day of one-year remembrance of Mu’l’livaaykkaal massacre.

A week earlier introduced a Tiger flag for the new political party. Stating that the Tiger was the emblem of the Tamil Chola dynasty, Mr. Seeman claimed that he evolved the idea adopting the Tiger flag inheriting it from the Chola dynasty and from his leader "Annan" (elder brother) Pirapaharan.

Mr. Seeman, while announcing the flag of the party stated:

"India wouldn't give you freedom without fighting for it. USA wouldn't come to liberate you. China and Japan wouldn't be useful. The Sinhalese wouldn't give in that easily. No state in the world would come to support the creation of Tamil Eelam."

"It is we, Tamils ourselves, who should enforce them all to support the establishment of Tamil Eelam."

"Let me remind you that Tamil Eelam cannot be born without the Indian state supporting it, and that the Indian state wouldn't support it as long as our own Tamil state of Tamil Nadu fails to demand it."


"Tamil Eelam is not homeland to only the Tamils of Eelam. It is the homeland of every Tamil human being in this world," he proclaimed.

When a Peoples Tribunal in Ireland has passed a verdict that Sri Lanka was guilty of War Crimes and that it should be investigated for genocide, why is the state assembly of Tamil Nadu, a state within the Indian Union, is unable to pass a resolution stating that Sri Lanka is guilty of genocide, he questioned.

"18 million Sinhalese may think they have conquered Tamils. We should remember 75 millions are here," he said.