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Military storm Jaffna uni hostels, students attacked

Photographs Uthayan

The Sri Lankan military and intelligence personnel raided the Balasingham hostel and Ananthakumaraswamy hostel at Jaffna university, after students lit a lamp of sacrifice to commemorate Maaveerar Naal, reports Uthayan.

According to the newspaper, the military had been roaming the university through out the day since students celebrated the birthday of V. Prabhakaran on Monday.

At 6:05pm, as the students lit the lamp of sacrifice, military personnel, armed with guns and batons stormed the two boys' hostels attacked everyone they came across.

An Uthayan reporter, who arrived at the seen after receiving a call from one of the students, was also attacked by the military.

Later in the evening, after seeing candles being lit within the adjacent girls' hostels, the military officers entered the hostel, demanding that the girls open their dormitary doors. According to Uthayan, the screams of girls were audible, with several currently in a state of inconsable tears.