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Karaithuraipattu divisional council resolves to stop illegal construction of Buddhist vihara on Tamil-owned land

The Karaithuraipattu (Maritimepattu) divisional council (prathesa sabai) in Mullaitivu has resolved to stop a Buddhist vihara from being constructed on Tamil people’s land in Semmalai East - Neeraviyadi.

An attempt is underway to appropriate Tamil-owned land to construct a vihara in the area. Surveyors attempted to access the land on July 3rd to inspect the land but failed due to protest and resistance by locals.

The divisional council resolved to inform the relevant parties that the council would not allow the construction of a vihara by land-grabbing Tamil residents’ land and further pointed out that the parties had failed to apply for or obtain permission for construction from the council in the first place.