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Italian memorial to war criminal sparks controversy

A dispute has erupted in Italy, after a memorial was built to honour the fascist military leader Field Marshal Rodolfo Graziani, a convicted war criminal.

The €130,000 memorial, which includes a park and mausoleum, was built in the town of Affile, south of Rome, at the taxpayer’s expense, igniting outcry from opponents.

Graziani was sentenced to 19 years imprisonment in 1948 after being convicted of crimes against humanity, following gas attacks on soldiers in Libya and Ethiopia.

Esterino Montino, head of the Democratic Party in the Lazio region, questioned the decision, asking,

"Is it possible to allow, accept or simply tolerate that, in 2012, we dedicate a park and a museum to the fascist general and minister Rodolfo Graziani?"

Photos of the opening ceremony were posted on the town’s website, showing the mausoleum inscribed with the words "Fatherland" and "Honour". See here.