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Iraq’s Kurds resume drive for self-determination

Massoud Barazani, president of the Kurdish semi-autonomous region of Iraq, threw a bombshell at the opening session of the 13th general assembly of his party – the Kurdish Democratic Party – in the region’s capital Arbil.

The Kurdish people has a right to self-determination, he said, adding that the Kurds were a separate and united nation and that their right to self determination – to decide their own fate – was self-evident and based on international treaties stipulating that all peoples had that right. Implementing that right would now be the immediate goal of his party.

See Zvi Mazels’ report for the Jerusalam Post here. (See also AFP's report)

If federalism fails …

The KDP has said its demand for self-determination is not a push for independence, but for protection of Kurdish self-rule with a federal Iraq.

The KDP’s new policy, which is widely popular amongst Kurds, was a result of their fear that Arab-majority Iraq might not embrace a federal democracy and could turn into a centralized state, a senior leader of the party said.