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International inaction is not an option on Sri Lanka says GTF

The international community must use all its leverage to ensure accountability and reconciliation has not reached a dead-end in Sri Lanka, the Global Tamil Forum said in a statement on Saturday. 

"Almost nine years after the end of the war and two and a half years after co-sponsoring a UNHRC resolution calling for comprehensive transitional justice measures, the Government of Sri Lanka has not taken meaningful steps to inspire confidence of its commitments and intentions," the GTF added. 

"The stakes are high for the people of Sri Lanka, and indeed for the region, to be conflict-free and remain in sustained peace. International inaction is not an option," GTF said, welcoming the latest report by the High Commissioner for Human Rights on Sri Lanka. 

"It is critically important that the key countries of the UNHRC impress upon Sri Lanka to present a comprehensive transitional justice strategy, including a clearly defined timeline for implementation."

"Without agreeing to such a plan, Sri Lanka meeting its commitments before the comprehensive review in a year’s time is virtually zero. This action plan should include confidence building measures - demilitarisation, land and prisoner release and the repeal of the Prevention of the Terrorism Act (PTA), and key transitional justice measures - immediate operationalising of the OMP, establishing a credible judicial mechanism that incorporate a special counsel, foreign judges and authorised prosecutors and investigators, and setting-up impartial arrangements to address truth-seeking and reparation."