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Immunity ‘rarely waived’ says US, as diplomat’s wife flees Britain 

The US State Department said that diplomatic immunity is “rarely waived” after the wife of an American diplomat fled the UK following a car crash she was involved in killed a British teenager.

Though the wife of the diplomat, who has not yet been named, initially cooperated with British authorities and told police she had no plans to leave the country, it is understood she fled to the United States.

The US State Department said it could not comment on "private diplomatic conversation" with the British government, reports the BBC.

Though the State Department expresses “our deepest sympathies and offer condolences to the family of the deceased”, it went on to add;

“Any questions regarding a waiver of immunity with regard to our diplomats and their family members overseas in a case like this receive intense attention at senior levels and are considered carefully given the global impact such decisions carry; immunity is rarely waived."

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said he has “called the US ambassador to express the UK's disappointment with their decision”.

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