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ICC to look into allegations of British war crimes in Iraq

Officials form the International Criminal Court announced today that allegations of war crimes committed by British troops will be examined and verified by the court.

The court is to conduct preliminary examination of around 60 alleged case cases of unlawful killings and claims of the mistreatment of over 170 Iraqis in British custody, reports The Guardian.

“The new information received by the office alleges the responsibility of officials of the United Kingdom for war crimes involving systematic detainee abuse in Iraq from 2003 until 2008,” said the ICC in a statement .

The British attorney general responding to the announcement, rejected allegations of systematic abuses carried out by British troops.

“British troops are some of the best in the world and we expect them to operate at the highest standards, in line with both domestic and international law,” said Dominic Grieve.

He further added that the British government remained a strong supporter of the ICC and would provide the office with whatever was necessary to demonstrate that British justice was following its proper course.