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Fox asked powerful donors to fund Werrity’s company

The Guardian reports on Saturday:

Those who had paid money to Adam Werrity's company, Pargav Ltd, included a corporate intelligence company with alleged close links to Sri Lanka, a property investor who lobbies for Israel and a venture capitalist.

The money, according to the donors, was supposed to help foster peace initiatives.

In the process, it paid for five-star hotels and first-class travel for Werritty, a self-styled ‘advisor’ and close friend of Liam Fox, who resigned as Defence Secretary Friday.

Following this week's media storm surrounding Fox, the donors to Pargav may now be ruing the day they got involved with Werrity.

Jon Moulton, a venture capitalist who has been listed as making several donations to Pargav, issued a statement following Fox's resignation in which he claimed that the Defence Secretary had lobbied him for money on Pargav's behalf.

"Before the last election, I had made several on-the-record donations to support Dr Fox following a request to do so from a Conservative party fundraiser.

"After the election, I was asked by Dr Fox to provide funds to a non-profit group called Pargav involved in security policy analysis and research and, after obtaining written assurances as to its activities, I provided personal funding to Pargav.

"Neither I, nor any of my associates, have sought or received a benefit of any form from Pargav. I have not received an account of Pargav's activities, nor have I been involved at all with Pargav, since funding. I will not be doing this again."