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Foreign Office warns of ‘upsurge in nationalism’ in Sri Lanka

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has warned of an increase in anti-Britsh rhetoric and an ‘upsurge in nationalism’, and has warned its citizens to stay away from political rallies.

In its travel advice it also noted an increase in reports of sexual attacks on minors.

See extracts below:

“Political rallies in Sri Lanka have on occasion turned violent in the past. You should avoid any political gathering or rally and be wary of spontaneous large gatherings. Detentions do occur, particularly of people of Tamil ethnicity.

“Travellers should note that the end of the military conflict in May 2009 has seen an upsurge of nationalism in Sri Lanka. As a result, anti-Western (particularly anti-British) rhetoric has increased. This has led to violent protests against the British High Commission and other diplomatic premises. Although no protests have so far been directed at the British community more generally, you should be vigilant and avoid demonstrations.

“Violent crimes against foreigners are relatively infrequent, although there have been an increasing number of reports of sexual offences including on minors. When travelling around Sri Lanka, you should make arrangements through reputable travel companies and exercise appropriate caution. Women should take particular care when travelling alone, or in small groups, and carry personal alarms.

“Although incidents involving tourists are rare, a British national was killed during a violent attack by a gang in a tourist resort in December 2011.”

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