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Exam excellence defies oppression

Facing the pervasive climate of fear and militarisation with resilience and defiance, Tamil students in the North-East have exceled at recent national exams.

Topping the national GCE mathematics examination in Sri Lanka, Kamalavasan, from Uduppitti American Mission College, achieved 3 As (3.1167 z points). 

The second highest grade nationally in Science was achieved by another Tamil student - Sanjayan.

Their success has been praised by the Tamil nation the world over, from their home towns, to their peers across the diaspora.

"To have achieved these grades is simply incredible", said Sophie Sivachandran, from the TYO-UK's (Tamil Youth Organisation UK) Education Council.

"They have studied through the very real threat of disappearances, torture, and even murder whilst travelling to and from school, everyday."

Whilst the government proclaims peace, the fear of abductions and attacks by the Sri Lankan military and paramilitary groups continues to prevent Tamil boys and girls attending school regularly.

The systematic intimidation, and use of brutal violence targeting educational figures, student groups and institutions, such as the Jaffna university, continues to instill dread in the minds of Eelam Tamils.

However, the verocious academic achievements of the Tamil youth continues, as it has done for over sixty years.

Despite the Sinhala Only Act, nationwide discrimination against Tamil students for university places and attacks on institutes of academic excellence such as the Jaffna Library, the capacity of Tamils for academia has proved unstoppable.