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Drug and sexual abuse among students increase due to absence of the LTTE – Jaffna University

The Chair of the Jaffna University Teachers Union, A. Rasakumaran, has blamed declining education on drug addiction and child abuse which has increased in the absence of the LTTE, reported Uthayan.

Speaking at a press conference of Jaffna University Lecturer’s strike, Rasakumaran said:

“In the absence of the LTTE, student drug abuse and child sexual abuse has increased. This has meant that conditions for learning have taken a turn for the worst as students are distracted in their thoughts and feelings. The motivation of our students to learn has been affected in every way.

“Adequate housing facilities have not been set up in resettlements, so students there do not have a peaceful learning environment.

“Because drug use, drinking, smoking and child sexual abuse have all increased, students’ attention has turned and weakening their academic positions. These issues must be resolved to improve student’s positions and lives.”