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Deeply concerned about serious weaknesses in the resolution says Wigneswaran

Welcoming the fact that the UN Human Rights Council is today expected to adopt a resolution calling for accountability in Sri Lanka, the chief minister of the Northern Province, C V Wigneswaran said he however remained "deeply concerned about some of the serious weaknesses in the resolution, which unless addressed could lead to the failure of this whole process."

"The importance of creating a mechanism which can gain the support and confidence of the victims cannot be overemphasized. The resolution's failure to clearly propose such a mechanism is a matter of grave concern," he wrote in a letter sent to key UNHRC member states on Wednesday.

"The resolution is important in that it sets a number of markers and makes a number of key recommendations - but it largely relies on the goodwill of the government to implement those recommendations."

"Regrettably the government's successful attempt to remove from the resolution several key references to ongoing abuses of human rights, the militarization of the north and east and other key issues does not inspire confidence in that goodwill."

See full statement here.

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