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'Deceitful campaign' ongoing in the West – Major General Shavendra Silva

The Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Major General Shavendra Silva has said in a speech marking Sri Lanka’s Independence Day that many groups in western countries try to paint a false picture of Sri Lanka.

“The patriotism and camaraderie that helped us defeat terrorism will once again help us to overcome the forces that threaten our march towards a prosperous Sri Lanka. There are many groups that are trying to paint a false picture about Sri Lanka in the West. They are conducting a deceitful campaign for their own survival and economic gain,

“However, our detractors will realize that the economic development and reconciliation we have achieved is significant and sustainable. The independence and sovereignty of Sri Lanka is inviolable and eternal,” he said in New York.

Silva played a leading role during the last few years of the conflict and is suspected of being involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity. His appointment to the UN post, which gave him diplomatic immunity from prosecution, was criticised by several human rights organisations.