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BBS calls for Mannar Bishop arrest

The Buddhist monk organisation, Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), called for the prominent Tamil civil society activist, the Bishop of Mannar, to be arrested after Bishop Rayappu Joseph publicly stated his refusal to participate in the Sri Lankan government's domestic commission on disappearances.

The Mannar Bishop Rayappu functioning in such way to betray the country, the BBS said, questioning why the government was delaying in his arrest, the Uthayan newspaper reports.

“Bishop Rayappu Joseph is continuously expressing comments against Sri Lanka and its military, nationally and internationally.  The government is watching all of this but continues to remain silent," the BBS leader, the Buddhist monk Galagoda Gnanasara reportedly said.

"Rayappu Joseph is violating Sri Lanka's constitution and law. He campaigned internationally accusing our military of showering cluster bombs upon civilians to kill them during the final stages of the war," he added.

"You should not just scream that a snake is piercing, but beat and kill it, similarly, the Bishop is continuously involved in treacherous activities and should arrested and jailed," urged Gnanasara.