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“It is time for Scotland to be an independent country” – Nicola Sturgeon

With an upcoming general election in the UK, Scotland’s First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon, told thousands gathered in Glasgow that she would demand a second independence referendum in the next year.

During the rally, Ms Sturgeon insisted on the importance of a large turnout at the upcoming general election. In her speech she stated;

"Over the next few weeks, it is our job to convince everyone we know to come out on December the 12th and send the biggest, loudest most resounding message to Westminster". 
"That it is time for Scotland to choose our own future. It is time for Scotland to be an independent country".
"An independent country that will be the best of friends and family with our neighbours across the British Isles, across Europe and across the world."

The independence rally, which saw thousands in attendance, was criticised by Annie Wells, a Scottish Conservative member of Scottish Parliament for Glasgow, who said,

"While Nicola Sturgeon is banging on about indyref2, I'm out talking to people about the state of their local schools, the drug deaths crisis and violent crime taking over our streets, and the problems at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital".

"Instead of tackling the day-to-day things that Glaswegians care about, Nicola Sturgeon is headlining a nationalist rally".

"So this election is about stopping Nicola Sturgeon from dividing our communities all over again, and only a vote for the Scottish Conservatives will do that."

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