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‘Welcome that India has conveyed expectations on Tamils’ - The Hindu editorial

The Hindu said it welcomed India’s recent message to Sri Lanka’s newly elected president, which called on Colombo to meet Tamil aspirations. 

“It is particularly welcome that India has conveyed its expectations that the process of national reconciliation would be taken forward by the new regime, with a solution for the Tamil population based on equality, justice, peace and dignity at the core of it,” said The Hindu editorial last week.

The editorial noted that in the wake of the Sri Lankan presidential elections, "the prospect of the country’s two most powerful offices being vested in a single family does raise concerns”.

“It would be a retrograde step, if they embark on any move to overturn the gains of the legislation. A return to ancien régime was undoubtedly one of the concerns of the minorities when they voted against Gotabaya Rajapaksa.”

See the full text of the editorial here.