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‘Sinhala speaking men’ with Sri Lanka’s Attorney General intimidate Tamil lawyers in court

Sinhala speaking men dressed in civil uniform photographed Tamil lawyers who appeared at the Chavakachcheri Magistrate Court earlier today, in an apparent act of intimidation as the Navatkuli Disappearances habeas corpus inquiry was underway.

One of the men was then seen getting into a car belonging to the Deputy Solicitor General representing the Sri Lankan army, said Senior Lecturer & Head of Jaffna University’s Department of Law, Kumaravadivel Guruparan on Twitter.

The man continued to take photographs from inside the car, said Guruparan, before it reversed and drove away.

“We will soon write a letter of complaint to the Attorney General,” he tweeted. “Such behaviour on the part of a senior official of the AG's dept is completely unacceptable and is a reminder of how deeply entrenched the Attorney General Department is with the security sector.”

See more from Guruparan in a video interview below.


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The Navatkuli Disappearances was an incident in 1996 in which more than two dozen Tamil youth disappeared. Army Commander, Major General Duminda Kepetiwolana, is alleged to have been directly responsible for the disappearances. 

He is being represented by Sri Lanka’s Attorney General department.

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