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‘Resettle us in our native land’ - Vali North Resettlement Society

The president of the Valikamam North Resettlement Society called for displaced Tamils to be resettled in their native land and not in any other alternate locations, in an interview with Ceylon Today published on Tuesday.
Arunasalam Gunapalasingham said everyone “must understand reality”. “Our people are looking forward to resettle in their native places and everyone has their own lands.”
“The authorities must understand that now it is 30 years and three generations from Valikamam North are living in IDP camps and other alternative areas,” he continued, noting that the Sri Lankan government attempted to survey which families owned land in Valikamam North, which is currently occupied by the military. “I would like to point out there isn't anyone without land,” he said.
“The resettlement system is very confusing they are releasing land in small portions,” he added. “Therefore, people are not in a situation to resettle in their own lands as they wish.”
“I told these people that resettlement is only when we all return to our own lands, not to alternative lands.”
Schemes announced by Colombo, including the building of 100 houses by the Sri Lankan army were also criticised by Mr Gunapalasingham. Taxes imposed by the government and slow payments in instalments have meant that houses remain incomplete. “Currently, people are also burdened with pawning their jewels to build houses,” he said. “It should be noted that most of these houses are not built by the Army but people are building it on their own. Around 140 houses have been built in Palaly only on the effort of people.”
The Sri Lankan military commander in Jaffna was also “positive” about the prospect of land releases said Mr Gunapalasingham. However, just days ago, the same commander was reported by The Island as stating that “not an inch” more land being held by the military would be released.
See the full text of the interview here.