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‘Not even an inch of land will be returned’ – Sri Lankan army commander

Sri Lanka’s commander of the security forces in Jaffna told The Island that the army “would not return even an inch” of the land it occupies in the Northern Province, as he confirmed that the number of soldiers in the region had not been reduced.
The military currently occupies 4,419 acres of land in Jaffna, said The Island. The land, currently occupied by the military’s Jaffna camp and Palali High Security Zone, has seen some small scale releases to Tamil civilians over the last year, but the commander declared that the security forces would not be releasing any more due to “security requirements”.
"We have removed several detachments and checkpoints spread throughout the peninsula but not reduced the cadre strength,” further declared the commander, confirming that troop numbers had not been reduced in the Tamil North-East.
“There are three brigades, 51st, 52nd and 55th, under the Jaffna Security Forces Headquarters in Palali. These brigades maintain camps at various locations within the Jaffna Peninsula.”
“I speak with responsibility that there would be no further reduction or dismantling of army camps in Jaffna," the Maj Gen reiterated.