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‘Leaked’ LLRC extracts

Sri Lanka’s anti-government website lankanewsweb.com has apparently obtained extracts of the yet to be published LLRC report.

According to the website, which is banned in Sri Lanka, the government is preparing to sacrifice nearly one hundred soldiers, including senior military leaders, in order to save Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse and President Mahinda Rajapakse.

The soldiers will be held responsible for the atrocities committed during the war in 2009, in the hope that the Rajapakse brothers will be let off the hook.

Following are extracts from the article on lankanewsweb:

“Fearing that a feeble LLRC report may result in possible travel ban being imposed on senior government and military officials including the President and the Defence Secretary and freezing of personal assets by the US, Canada and European Union, the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) report will be made public in the next few days by the President’s Office via the Sri Lankan Parliament.

“Defence Ministry Intelligence adviser Kapila Hendawitharane and his ‘special branch’ associates have been tasked by Defence Secretary to find some of the soldiers identified in the Channel 4’s documentary ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ and others identified in the video of LTTE ‘Colonel’ Ramesh’s interrogation, released by Global Tamil Forum (GTF) in December 2010 during President Rajapakshe’s utterly failed visit to the UK.

“These soldiers will be part of a collection of soldiers who will be held accountable for violations of human rights. The LLRC report will recommend that these identified soldiers be tried under the laws of the land. By claiming to have dealt with these crimes, Rajapakshe regime also believes that media organisations like Channel 4 will become more subdued in its reporting against Sri Lanka.

“LLRC report will also recommend that a few out of the thousand or more LTTE cadres held without trial in secret military jails around the country should be prosecuted in open courts. It is learnt that the President will pardon a section of these accused LTTE cadres, once convicted. This will be seen as another step in lending his hand of appeasement to the Tamil Diaspora.

“LLRC report will also mildly accuse the government for acting irresponsibly and President Rajapakshe will accept blame and promise that lessons will be learnt. No references will be made to targeting hospitals or targeting civilians by the military in the no fire zone. Report will also not refer to the lack of supplies of food and medicine sent by the government during the last leg of the war.”

For full article click here.