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‘It is time for South Sudan to break free’

Self-determination is the only way that the people of south Sudan will be able to join the modern world. I want my people to have ownership of their land, to have ownership of their future and their destiny.”

“I am certain that the popular vote will be won in favour of independence. It is the will of the people. … I hope very much that the international community will take note and help us.”

- Tobiolo Almero Olberto, member of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM). See his call for international support here.

Meanwhile, in the north, a group of radical Muslim clerics on Friday criticised the Sudanese government for accepting south Sudan’s referendum on independence, and demanded imposition of Islamic Shar’iah law across the entire country whether citizens of the mainly Christian region of south Sudan like it or not. They denounced the internationally-supported referendum as a 'Western plot.'