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‘Fighting hatred with hatred’ in Sri Lanka – The Economist

Sri Lanka has responded to the Easter Sunday attacks by “terrorising Muslims” said the Economist this week, stating that Sri Lankan leaders “stand disgraced”.

“After decades of civil war (which pitted the ethnically Sinhalese, Buddhist majority against largely Hindu Tamils), one might expect Sri Lankans to be wary of demonising minorities,” the Economist said. “Alas, many are doing just that. Since the bombings in April, police have not just randomly arrested Muslims, who are about 10% of the population, but responded lackadaisically to repeated mob attacks against Muslims and Muslim-owned businesses.”

“Buddhist groups with similarly narrow-minded inclinations have also gained ground,” it added. “And just when Sri Lanka needs strong leadership to steer clear of such obvious dangers, its leaders stand disgraced.”

See the full text of the article here.