Aid fiasco in Sri Lanka

A sweeping investigation into the Sri Lankan government’s use of international tsunami-related aid has found widespread misappropriation of funds and bureaucratic incompetence, an interim report released this week says.

‘Safest bank’ in Sri Lanka does roaring trade

The February 2002 truce has sparked a demand for credit with more people borrowing either to rebuild their homes, set up business or buy goods such as solar-electricity panels.

UN reforms receive mixed response

What did the secretary general ask for - and what did he eventually get?

Poles apart. And a widening gap.

Sri Lanka's two Presidential candidates are campaigning on the same themes. But they have nothing in common - and it's not just a question of policies.

TRO abroad: prejudice drives confusion

Despite having earned the respect of its fellow relief agencies through its dedication and professionalism, the TRO continues be vilified by Sinhala nationalists, including the mainstream press in Sri Lanka.

‘There is no place for moderates’

In the past two weeks, Mr. Rajapakse has nailed his colours – a deep shade of saffron - to the mast.

SLFP infighting may benefit UNP

Many younger members of the SLFP are less enamoured of the Bandaranaike clan’s continued dominance of their party’s top-flight positions.

India expands European ties

Delhi places multi-billion dollar orders for European airliners and submarines as nuclear collaboration and security alliances are proposed.

Antagonism deepens in Batticaloa-Amparai

Antagonism between the Liberation Tigers and the Sri Lankan security forces the restive Batticaloa-Amparai region deepened this week amid a continuing cycle of violence.

A road map for US relations with rest of world

Washington’s amendments to the UN summit agreement is an assertion that US interests should almost always take precedence over the search for compromise with an international community.