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Tamil Nadu CM writes to Modi as more arrests take place

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu O Panneerselvam has written to the Indian Prime Minister once more, condemning a reported statement by a Sri Lankan minister, which said Colombo would keep vessels seized from Indian fishermen.
The statement attributed to Sri Lankan Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Mahinda Amaraweera, came following a meeting between the two governments, where both sides agreed to free fishermen held under their custody.
"I write with a sense of deep anguish at the very unfortunate and needlessly provocative remarks of Amaraweera, reported in a section of the media, indicating that the fishing boats and gear of fishermen of Tamil Nadu which are in the custody of the Sri Lankan authorities, would be taken over and made the property of the government of Sri Lanka," said Mr Panneerselvam.
“Such statements appear to mock the diplomatic efforts being undertaken by the Government of India to sort out the sensitive issue. I strongly urge the Government of India to register its disapproval of such remarks in the strongest possible terms at the appropriate level.”
However, just days after the talks, further arrests took place on Wednesday evening. Sri Lankan navy personnel held 10 Indian fishermen for allegedly fishing in Sri Lankan waters and have held the fishermen and their trawlers in Jaffna.