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Mallakam judge orders inquiry into illegal detention of Tamil man

A Mallakam magistrate judge has ordered an investigation into the illegal detention of a Tamil man by Sri Lankan intelligence personnel.

Last week, four people claiming to be from Vaddukoddai police station went to Thiraviyanathan Naguleswaran’s home and took him away for questioning.

Mr Naguleswaran is currently involved in an alimony case at Mallakam magistrates court.

However when Mr Naguleswaran’s wife went to Vaddukoddai police station, she was told that they had not arrested anybody.

A few days later, Mr Naguleswaran contacted his wife from a new telephone number and told her he was being held in Anuradhapuram by intelligence officers, and also told her to not inform anybody else.

On Tuesday, Mrs Naguleswaran received another call and was told that her husband would be produced at Mallakam magistrates court on the following day for his alimony case, and was again told not to tell anyone else about the call.

On Wednesday, Mr Naguleswaran was spotted by his wife in a vehicle in front of the Mallakam court. He was accompanied by four individuals in civilian clothing.

When Mrs Naguleswaran approached to speak to her husband, the others demanded to know whether she had informed anybody else of the circumstances.

Upon being told that Mrs Naguleswaran had informed a lawyer, the group abruptly departed with Mr Naguleswaran and did not produce him in court.

The incident was brought to the attention of the Mallakam magistrates court judge, A. Judeson, by Jaffna lawyer K. Sugas who called for an inquiry into what he describes as an abduction by unidentified persons and illegal detention.

The judge has ordered police to thoroughly investigate, with findings due to be reviewed on the 18th April.