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JHU accuses Northern Provincial Council of ‘racism’

Photograph: The Island

A hardline Sinhala party led by Buddhist monks has accused the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) of “racism” and called on the Sri Lankan government to dismantle the provincial council system.

"We are against the provincial council system and the JHU’s stand is to curtail existing powers of the PCs vis-a-vis demands for more powers and devolution to PCs," said Western Provincial Council member Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe at the JHU headquarters.

The statement came as a response to a move by the NPC to prohibit the sale of toddy produced in the South. "The NPC may ban other goods and services" Mr Warnasinghe added.

In particular Mr Warnasinghe and JHU co-president Hedigalle Wimalasara condemned Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran, stating that if “Wigneswaran went ahead with his racist project there was no point in promoting reconciliation”.

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