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87 killed in Norway gun massacre and blast, worst violence since WW2
Tamil Guardian 23 July 2011 Print ArticleE-mail ArticleFeedback On Article

At least eighty people were killed on a Norwegian island Friday by a lone gunman dressed in police uniform who attacked a summer camp of the ruling Labour party’s youth wing, shortly after a bomb ripped through the political district of the capital, Oslo.

See reports by AFP, NPR, Reuters, and CTV.

Hundreds of youth, mainly teenagers, were attending the summer camp on Utoeya island, a few kilometres from Oslo.

The gunman, described as a tall, blond ethnic Norwegian, and later named as Anders Behring Breivik, entered the camp and opened fire indiscriminately, reports said. An initial death toll of 10 soared to at least 80 early Saturday.

The bomb blast in Oslo 90 minutes before the gun attack had killed seven people and wounded many more, the toll perhaps limited by fewer people being in the area on a public holiday.

The gunman was wounded by police responding to the attack and is in custody.

Speaking anonymously, police officials said the man appears to have acted alone in both attacks, described by Norwegian media as the worst episode of violence in the country since World War II.

According to the TV2 channel, which did not reveal its sources, the gunman has links to right-wing extremists.

AP quoted police officials as saying the attacks don’t appear linked to Islamist terrorism, and that while Breivik had right-wing and anti-Muslim views, his motive is unclear. 

The man, now described as a 'homegrown terrorist', had been allowed access to the island after presenting his ID to security guards, reports said.

As he opened fire terrified teenagers and other people attempted to flee or hide. Some threw themselves into the cold, deep water to escape, and attempted to swim to the mainland.

Amongst them was a Diaspora Tamil, 23 year old Khamshajiny Gunaratnam, a youth politician of the Labour party elected to the civic council of Oslo in 2007.

She and another politician were picked up by a boat. See TamilNet’s report here


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Tamil Guardian 30 August 2014
UN Sec Gen alarmed by rising level of attacks against religious minorities in Sri Lanka
Buddhist communities in Sri Lanka and Myanmar “are being swept up by a rising tide of extremist sentiment against other groups,” said the United Nations Secretary General. [more]

Tamil Guardian 30 August 2014
Military threats call off prayers for Vali North displaced
Prayers organised for those displaced in Valikaamam North were called off this week after organisers received threats from military personnel, warning them there would be "consequences" if they went ahead with the prayers, Uthayan reports. [more]

Tamil Guardian 30 August 2014
Police block protestors in Vavuniya on International Day of the Disappeared

Hundreds of Tamils were blocked from delivering a petition in Vavuniya on Saturday, marking the International Day of the Disappeared. [more]

Tamil Guardian 30 August 2014
Army intruder caught by locals in Kurunagar
A Sri Lankan army soldier was apprehended by locals, after he entered a house in Jaffna's coastal suburb of Kurunagar on Wednesday night, reports Virakesari. [more]

Tamil Guardian 30 August 2014
UK PM urged to take action over Sri Lanka's refusal to issue visas to UN investigators
The British Prime Minister David Cameron was urged to take action over Sri Lanka's refusal to issue visas to UN officials from the OHCHR Investigation into Sri Lanka (OISL) and the "worsening" situation in the country. [more]

Tamil Guardian 30 August 2014
Prayers held in Thirukketheswaram for disappeared
Families of the disappeared held prayers on Friday at Thirukketheswaram temple, lighting candles in memory of their missing loved ones. The prayers, [more]

Tamil Guardian 30 August 2014
Vendors who hoard rice face ‘stern action’ warns government

The Sri Lankan government announced that rice millers who hide stock face ‘stern action’ as it set a deadline for all vendors to submit details of their stock. [more]

Tamil Guardian 30 August 2014
UNP MP threatens to crossover to join government
The United National Party’s Colombo district MP Ravi Karunanayaka has threatened to cross over and join the government, if Hambantota district MP Sajith Premadasa is appointed as the deputy leader of the party. [more]

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