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US senate backs international war crimes probe
Tamil Guardian 03 March 2011 Print ArticleE-mail ArticleFeedback On Article

(File photo) Fifty three school girls were killed, along with three staff, on August 14, 2006, when Sri Lankan air force jets dropped sixteen bombs on an orphanage in Vanni. The GPS coordinates of the orphanage and other civilian establishments in Vanni, including hospitals, had been provided to Colombo via the International Red Cross. All the hospitals and many other listed sites were subsequently bombed or shelled by Sri Lankan forces. Photo TamilNet.

The US Senate on Monday was unanimous in passing a resolution calling for an international investigation into war crimes in Sri Lanka.

The Senate also called on President Obama to draw up a "a comprehensive policy towards Sri Lanka that reflects US interests including respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, economic interests, and security interests."

(See full text of the resolution here)

The Senate said it,

1. commends United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for creating the three-person panel to advise the Secretary-General on the implementation of the commitment of the Government of Sri Lanka to human rights accountability;

2. calls on the Government of Sri Lanka, the international community, and the United Nations to establish an independent international accountability mechanism to look into reports of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other human rights violations committed by both sides during and after the war in Sri Lanka and to make recommendations regarding accountability;

3. calls on the Government of Sri Lanka to allow humanitarian organizations, aid agencies, journalists, and international human rights groups greater freedom of movement, including in internally-displaced persons camps;


4. calls upon the [US] President to develop a comprehensive policy towards Sri Lanka that reflects United States interests, including respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, economic interests, and security interests.

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  Tamil Affairs
Tamil Guardian 23 June 2016
Sri Lankan government to ‘interview’ stranded Tamil asylum seekers
The Sri Lankan government announced it will be sending a team to Indonesia to “interview” a group of stranded Tamil asylum seekers, who were attempting to flee the island. [more]

Tamil Guardian 23 June 2016
More denials from Sri Lankan government over cluster bomb use
Another senior Sri Lankan minister has come forward to deny reports that the armed forces deployed cluster bombs during the armed conflict, after reports that remnants of the munitions had been discovered across the Tamil North-East. [more]

Tamil Guardian 23 June 2016
Geneva Press Club event hears perspectives on accountability for Tamils at the UNHRC

A discussion at the Geneva Press Club saw participants provide their perspectives on the future of Tamil accountability under the current government. [more]

Tamil Guardian 23 June 2016
Sri Lanka cabinet spokesperson rejects allegations of cluster bomb usage
Sri Lanka’s Cabinet Co-Spokesman Dr Rajitha Senaratne categorically rejected allegations that Sri Lanka’s military forces had used cluster bombs during their campaign against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam that saw mass atrocities committed against Tamil civilians. Mr Senaratne stressed that Sri Lanka similar photographs of cluster ammunition had been put forward before, [more]

Tamil Guardian 22 June 2016
International community must ensure UN resolution is implemented – GTF

The international community must stay “fully engaged” on Sri Lanka to ensure all aspects of a UN resolution are fully implemented said the Global Tamil Forum, in a statement released on Wednesday. [more]

Tamil Guardian 22 June 2016
Sri Lanka's missing persons commission requests yet another extension
The Chairman of Sri Lanka’s Presidential Commission into Missing Persons has requested yet another extension to the mandate of the office, just days after the government announced it was to be disbanded. [more]

Kumaravadivel Guruparan Tamil Guardian 22 June 2016
Normalising the Abnormalcy – Reflections on Self-Determination, Justice and Peace in Post-War Sri Lanka

"I believe that the issue of confronting and resisting demilitarisation for the Tamil community has to start from home. We need to keep reminding ourselves that we are actually living in a state of abnormalcy. [more]

Tamil Guardian 22 June 2016
Well-known Tamil businessman abducted in Vavuniya
A well-known businessman from Vavuniya, Shanmugan Selvarasa, was kidnapped by unidentified men on Tuesday evening learns Tamil Guardian. The 55 year old man was returning from the work to his house by motorcycle when he was abducted at the entrance of his house. His family have lodged complaints at Vavuniya Police station. Shortly after the complaints the police station arrived at his house and took Mr Selvarasa’s motorcycle and cell phone as part of the investigation. Mr Selvarasa, [more]

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